Dealing with unflattering ears

by Naruschka Henriques


For some young men and women, having ears which stick out beyond the average can be a source of constant embarrassment. Kids and teenagers are usually quick to pick up on such a feature and many adults recall their school days being not quite so happy as they otherwise might, had their ears been just that little bit more inconspicuous.

People who are sensitive about their ears often hide them with long hair – and these days it’s perfectly acceptable for a male of any age to have flowing locks – but this may not be a permanent solution, particularly for older men. A man’s hairline may recede naturally over time and the comb-over is a hairstyle of decades gone by, not an option for fashion-conscious men of the 21st Century. Most men do end up cutting their hair short if it thins or develops bald patches. The result can be sophisticated and stylish, but it can’t hide ears that stick out.

It’s never too late to deal with protruding ears. Whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, if you really dislike the way your ears look, cosmetic surgery may well be an option. The procedure is usually fairly quick and straightforward, and often highly effective.

If you are unhappy with your ears, talk to one of our surgeons today. They will happily discuss all aspects of ear pinning with you, touching on such key aspects as price, recovery time and how you can expect your appearance to change after the surgery.

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