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Easing eye bags


Everyone knows that wrinkles make a face appear older, but there are other tell tale signs that age us. Grey hair is probably the most immediately obvious, followed by baggy eyes. Not only can reduced firmness of the skin around the eyes make us seem older, but it can also make us look tired, lacklustre, or even unwell.

For those who are on the thinner end of the weight spectrum, having baggy eyes can make the face appear bony and less healthy. We’ve all looked in the mirror after a long day at work or on the morning after a big night out and seen a tired, baggy-eyed face looking back at us. In most cases the dark, baggy patches fade with time but they do tend to get more pronounced with age.

If you’re starting to feel like your eyes are baggy every day, whether you are tired and run-down or not, it might be time to consider eyelid surgery. Easing eye bags is one of the simplest cosmetic surgery procedures and it can be a very effective way to restore youthful firmness to any face, male or female. We can offer this treatment on its own or in conjunction with a tailored program of anti wrinkle injections and other age-reduction options for maximum effectiveness.

If you’d like to learn more about eye bag removal cosmetic surgery there is plenty of information available on the botonics website. We’d also be happy to put you in touch with a surgeon who will be able to tell you whether or not the procedure might work well for you.

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