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At our cosmetic surgery expertise is not confined to facelifts, liposuction and breast enlargement. We excel in ear surgery too.  Pinnaplasty, or ear pinning, is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure which allows prominent ears to be pinned back to the side of the head for a more streamlined look. Most people with prominent ears do not have ears which are larger than normal, but a congenital defect has made the cartilage which usually holds the ears back unable to develop properly, meaning that they seem to stick out from the side of the face.

For some individuals, this is not a problem but for others it can severely affect their confidence.   Pinnaplasty removes skin and applies sutures behind the ear which mimic the desired natural curvature of cartilage.   The procedure can be carried out under a local anaesthetic without the need for an overnight stay and as it is carried out in the area behind the ears, leaves no signs of scarring or treatment.  Those clients considering ear surgery should avoid smoking as it impairs healing and recovery, and should expect to require a week off work following surgery in which to recover.

Furthermore, clients who have a very physical profession or are engaged in regular strenuous sporting activities may need to take more precautions in their aftercare than those with sedentary professions. Ear pinning can greatly increase confidence and self-image for clients who have felt extremely self conscious about their prominent ears. For more details on this excellent procedure and a free video and consultation, please visit our site. We also offer anti wrinkle injections and smart lipo as part of our wide range of treatments.

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