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Harley Street has been a centre of British medical excellence since the 19th Century. Old City of London records show that there were almost 200 doctors working in the Harley Street area by the end of the Victorian period. It is quite natural for doctors and scientists to form communities. Information on new techniques can be shared and ideas passed from one to the other. Younger doctors can learn from more experienced ones and so valuable knowledge is passed down to the next generation.

The Harley Street area is still the best place to go for private medical treatment of most kinds. Not only do we maintain more than one clinic on the street, it remains packed with doctors and surgeons of all kinds. Some of the finest medical minds in private practice choose Harley Street for their clinics and offices.

For us, Harley Street is much more than a historical curiosity where doctors congregate. It’s an ideal London location for all our cosmetic surgery procedures. We have access to the most up to date equipment and the latest medical information. At our London clinics we can perform intelligent Vaser and laser lipo treatments and give our customers access to the very best in private medical care.

We also maintain clinics in prestigious Battersea, Kensington, and central London locations. At botonics we take care to be accessible across inner London. Some clinics are fully equipped for all procedures including Vaser and facelift surgery, others are not, but Harley Street is always there if you need a complex or sophisticated treatment.

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