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Former Tory MP Comes Clean on Plastic Surgery


She’s the 42-year-old “chick lit” author and former Conservative MP who writes under her maiden name Bagshawe. Previously the Member of Parliament for Corby in Northamptonshire between 2010 and 2012, the mother of three left politics last year to spend more time with her family in New York City.

Previously, Mensch had always declined to comment on whether she had undergone cosmetic surgery. She insisted that people were always trying to “trivialise” women in politics, and so would not talk about the subject while she was still an MP.

But, earlier in the year, when talking on the BBC2 programme Newsnight following an independent review which called for tougher controls of cosmetic procedures, she revealed she had “undergone a little tightening” of her face.

Previously, one newspaper had asked her about a small scar under her chin, and whether she had had a face lift procedure.

The author of around 15 books explained: “I didn’t reply to that question – not because I was in any way embarrassed about the procedure, but because there are those who always try and trivialise women in politics, based on their appearance.

“However I am of course no longer a politician, and now that the government has agreed to back this very sensible report, it felt like it had become a good time to discuss the issue.”

When quizzed as to why she had undergone the surgery, Mensch responded: “Maintenance. I am happy with the way that I look, and prefer to keep it like that.”

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