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Gain Confidence in Your Ears with Cosmetic Surgery


Ears are not generally parts of the body that receive that much attention from other people. However, sometimes they do and generally this is when they are unusual in appearance. For example, a common problem is ears that protrude too much. Meanwhile, asymmetrical ears can also draw unwelcome attention from others.

If you suffer from such problems, you might be sick and tired of feeling self-conscious about it. Indeed, over the years you may have come up with elaborate means of trying to hide the offending objects. Particular hairstyles and hats that come down below the ears are two common examples of such ploys.

However, there is a more satisfactory and long-term solution to such issues and that is getting plastic surgery. These days there are many such procedures available.

Indeed, here at botonics Plastic Surgery Group we offer ear surgery. By researching your options and having a free consultation with our expert team, you might well be able to find the perfect way of addressing the problem.

Operations like this are also referred to as otoplasty and they are only minor. During the operations, surgeons re-create the bending of the cartilage seen in more typical ears.

One of the great things about such cosmetic surgery is the fact that is quick and simple and can take place under local anaesthetic. Also, any scarring is likely to be minimal and it is hidden behind the ear.

So, if you want to change your ears, this could be the perfect way to achieve your goal.

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