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Giving your body symmetry


Conceptions of beauty vary over time. Some cultures value thinner women, others appreciate a curvy, generous figure, and what’s in fashion does change over the decades. It is often difficult to quantify what else makes people perceive another man or woman as beautiful, but one of the strongest factors is generally thought to be symmetry. Our eyes see perfectly symmetrical faces and figures as more beautiful.

There are exceptions to the rule. Marilyn Monroe’s famous beauty spot added to both her fame and her attractiveness, but for many of us, a lack of symmetry is a problem that prevents us from looking quite as beautiful (or handsome) as we could.

For women it’s not that uncommon for one breast to be a little bigger than the other. While the difference is so small as to be hardly noticeable in most cases, sometimes it’s quite significant and obvious to a casual observer. Then, cosmetic surgery may be an option. We can either perform breast enlargement or reduction on one or both sides to even out the discrepancy.

For men it’s the ears that often cause symmetry problems. They are usually similar in size but one may stick out more than the other. This may not have been a problem when the man was younger and had a full head of hair, but as hair thins out most men shorten their hairstyles and the ears become more prominent. Ear surgery can be used to restore symmetry to the head and face.

There are other asymmetries that can be corrected with cosmetic surgery. If you see a difference between the left side of your face or body and the right, we may be able to help.

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