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How a Breast Reduction Could Change Your Life

For some women, having large breasts is the dream, but for others they are nothing but a pain – quite literally. Very large breasts can cause many different kinds of physical complaint, including back ache, neck pain and even numbness of the fingers. Migraine headaches have also been linked to large breasts. It is estimated that around one million American women suffer in some way from having extremely large breasts.

Bethanne Snodgrass, plastic surgeon and author of ‘When Less Is More: The Complete Guide for Women Considering Breast Reduction Surgery’, says: “Sometimes a woman with very large breasts will know instinctively that the extra weight on her chest is causing the problems but just as often she doesn’t recognize the connection and sometimes that can lead to years of unnecessary suffering.”

Snodgrass goes on to say that some women don’t even realise how large their breasts actually are because they have never had a professional bra fitting. What’s more, wearing the wrong sized bra can further increase the negative effects of having extremely large breasts because they aren’t adequately supported, and pressure from bra straps on the shoulders can also cause significant pain.

As you get older, your body changes. Women get naturally heavier and their shoulders start to roll forward, putting pressure on the thoracic outlet. This compresses nerve fibres, which in turn causes pain. The larger the breasts, the more the body will pull forward, and the more compression there then is.

There are some ways of temporarily alleviating pain, such as through physical therapy, medication and changing the way you sit, these do only provide temporary relief. The only way of completely removing symptoms is to have breast reduction surgery. In the ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’ journal, a group of Swedish doctors stated that women who had undergone this surgical procedure noticed a reduction of all kinds of pain and discomfort.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure generally lasting two to three hours and which involves the removal of tissue and fat cells from each breast, with the excess skin then being cut away. Every woman is different, of course, and here at our plastic surgery London clinic on Harley Street, we carry out personally tailored breast reduction procedures. You can book a free consultation with our breast reduction specialist surgeon easily online or over the phone.

To get an idea of how this procedure will affect your appearance, take a look at the breast reduction before and after UK pictures on our website. Most of our clients find that they feel much more positive about their overall appearance post-surgery, which in turn gives them greater confidence. Moreover, the alleviation of constant or regular pain is another contributing factor to a more positive mood.

Our breast reduction costs UK start at just £6,500 and we do also offer financing to cover the costs, which you can discuss with us. If you decide that you would be interested in our financing option, please make sure that you tell us this before you have your procedure.

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