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How Plastic Surgery is Different to Cosmetic Surgery


Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are very different, yet their respective terms are often used interchangeably. However, cosmetic surgery is not the same as plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is elective surgery, meaning it is carried out by choice and is undergone only for the purpose of improving a person’s physical appearance or attributes. Some of the most well known cosmetic surgery includes procedures such as: face lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, nose reshaping, breast enlargement, and breast reduction.

By contrast, the principal aim of plastic surgery is to repair and reconstruct damaged tissue and skin and to restore function to a level that is as close as possible to normal. Improving the appearance of the skin is an important, secondary objective of plastic surgery. The kind of damage that plastic surgery may be used for can be the result of:


Plastic surgery can often be used to repair skin and tissue that has been damaged by fire, crush, or other serious injuries, such as those sustained by soldiers during combat operations or drivers involved in vehicle collisions.

Disease or illness

Following an illness that has affected a patient later in life, skin and tissue can be reconstructed by plastic surgery on a particular part of the body e.g. reconstructive breast surgery after a breast has been removed due to breast cancer.

Congenital disease

Congenital diseases are defects that have been present from birth. Plastic surgery is frequently used to treat many common congenital conditions such as a cleft lip and palate.

Plastic surgery is often produced by medical doctors, whereas cosmetic surgery is often performed by experts in the field. Contact cosmetic surgery professionals here at botonics today for a consultation for an array of cosmetic procedures.

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