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Downturn or not, cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK were up in 2012, according to figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), whose membership amounts to around a third of all cosmetic surgeons. The increase represents a rise of 0.2% on the year before. In all, just over 43,150 procedures went ahead in 2012.

In particular, anti-ageing treatments including most kinds of face lift procedure and eyelid surgery saw increases of double digits.

Overall, breast enhancements or boob jobs remained the most popular procedures, despite a very small dip of around 1.6% from 2011.

BAAPS has noted a double digit rise for all anti-ageing procedures. Neck lifts were up by 14% last year, and brow lifts by just under a fifth. In all, anti-ageing procedures’ increases could all be expressed in double figures.

BAAPS says: “We’ve seen a significant rise in demand for non-surgical treatments of the face, like fillers and Botox. However, once skin starts to become loose on the neck, or there is jowling, the only way to really enhance the appearance of this is through surgery. Members of the public seem to be becoming ever more aware of this.”

The organisation’s figures show that in Britain female surgery in the cosmetic sector accounted for just over 90% of all these procedures, or a shade over 39,000 treatments in all.

For men, nose jobs or rhinoplasty treatments were the most popular interventions, with approaching 1,000 recorded in 2012. This was followed by eyelid surgery, up by more than a tenth to 758. Breast reduction was the third most popular treatment, with nearly 650 operations.

Levels of cosmetic interventions are still higher in the US, where, for example in 2011 Americans underwent almost 14 million cosmetic procedures.

The figures released only cover surgical treatments, not non-surgical ones.

Cosmetic Treatments from botonics

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