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Men aged thirty-five to fifty-five are commonly regarded as a most sullen age group. Have you instantly thought of a great example? The younger male generations may be at home with the idea of the metrosexual male, but how can cosmetic surgery benefit the older male?
Silver Fox movie heroes like Charlton Heston, Richard Gere, and so on are a rare sight out on the street. But the general consensus is that older men would love to grow older whilst still retaining the ability to make women go weak at the knees.
Cosmetic surgery can encourage body confidence, enthusiasm and a rejuvenated lust for life in almost anyone. It’s not only women who suffer mid-age body crisis like drooping eyelids, stubborn excess body fat or wrinkles. The number of cosmetic surgeries performed on older man has been rising, perhaps not as quickly as on younger men, but that little spark of an idea is clearly growing in the older generations.

Every man is different, but we think the most beneficial procedures for the older man in general are as follows:

Dermal Fillers and Botox – These can be a quick and straightforward step to subtly remove a few years.

Blepharoplasty – The eyes give our age away too easily. Men in particular can suffer from fatty deposits under the eye.

Facelift Surgery – This can help to reduce appearance of jowls (the bane of many an older gentleman), and define the jaw and neck areas. Modern methods are much more effective at producing an unbelievably natural look.

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