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Cosmetic Surgery

Origins of Cosmetic Surgery


The human body is an imperfect thing and has been so for millennia. The first forms of cosmetic surgery likely began out of medical necessity somewhere in the Far East as far back as 2000BC. These early cosmetic surgery procedures are thought to have covered such issues as reconstructive surgery combined with medical operations for burns or disfigurements.

The Romans were partly responsible for spreading the practice of cosmetic surgery, like the Greeks before them. This type of surgery is often referred to as plastic, and the word “plastic” is derived from the Greek “plastikos”, basically meaning “to re-mould or re-shape” This is the same word that the name of the material “plastic” comes from, however the material and surgery are not connected.
The first regular cosmetic surgery procedure was probably rhinoplasty, performed commonly in the Far East hundreds of years ago. The techniques brought back to Britain were of great benefit to those wounded in battle, and those disfigured from birth. Bear in mind though, until modern anaesthetics were perfected all surgeries were performed on conscious patients.
Historically, the most common plastic surgeries included cleft palette reconstructions, rhinoplasty, and various types of skin grafts for burn victims. Nowadays cosmetic surgery has blossomed, with the most popular procedures including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck surgery. New developments and improved procedures are a common part of our business here at botonics. We pride ourseves at keeping up to date to offer you the best service.

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