by Naruschka Henriques

Having ears that are prominent can make a lot of people feel self conscious and cause problems for their confidence. Many will be taunted as children, as the ears are one of the first parts of the body that reaches full size. However, even though prominent ears do not cause any health problems, a lot of people choose to have the problem corrected to improve their appearance and self confidence. You do not have to continue suffering in silence, as there is a cosmetic surgery procedure available to correct the problem, known as pinnaplasty or otoplasty.

How is the procedure carried out? Also known as ear pinning, the ears are reshaped by having cartilage removed and then using plastic stitches to pin back the ears. It is usually performed under a local or general anaesthetic depending on the age of the patient. As the cosmetic surgeryprocedure is usually straightforward, it is carried out within a few hours, meaning that no overnight stay is required in hospital. It will also leave a small scar behind the ear which should fade over time.

After the cartilage is removed, the incisions are stitched and a large bandage will be wrapped around the head, covering both ears and keeping them in their new position while healing. Patients are usually advised to wear the bandage for one or two weeks, as this is essential to help the ears settle in their new position. Once this is removed, a smaller bandage may be worn. However, this will depend on the individual patient and their healing process.

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