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Innovations in Cosmetic Surgery: Embracing New Technologies

Cosmetic surgery is facing many exciting changes and innovations over the next few years, as science continues to provide new materials and techniques which can be adapted for cosmetic purposes. It is becoming both simpler, and far more affordable, to regain the confidence that life’s many twists and turns may have taken away. If you’ve been put off by the unproven reputation, overly invasive techniques or unpleasant sounding side effects of cosmetic surgery in the past, now may be the time to reconsider your opinion. Great strides have been made in the cosmetic surgery industry to make procedures less invasive and painful, as well as significantly reduce any unpleasant side effects. In this article, you’ll be able to see some of the more advanced cosmetic methods and techniques being developed and used today, as well as read about the ground-breaking new treatment that botonics have been utilising over the last few years; VASER Lipo®.

Stem Cells and Pain Management: The Future of Cosmetic Enhancements

One of the most divisive and well debated developing medical technologies today is the use of stem cells, so without delving into the potential moral implications of their use, it is looking more and more likely that stem cell related treatments could play a large role in the future of cosmetic surgery. Medical stem cell research is predominantly focussed on the replacement of damaged or non-functioning organs, but from a cosmetic standpoint, stem cells can be utilised to regenerate your outward appearance. Birth defects, or the confidence-shattering cosmetic after effects of a serious accident, could be corrected with custom grown, genetically identical replacement body parts. Rejection of transplanted body parts would be a thing of the past, as the replacement would match the original almost identically; minimising the risks involved with such a procedure.

Another aspect of cosmetic surgery which is being improved by advances in scientific research is pain relief during surgery, and the reduction of pain and other unpleasant side-effects post-procedure. General anaesthetic is utilised during most cosmetic surgery, but delivery methods are continuing to evolve to make the process both simpler, and more effective.  Primarily, these improvements are being realised in the form of time release anaesthetic treatments, which aim to block pain, as opposed to just masking it. The relief of pain post-cosmetic surgery is being realised in a more indirect manner; the less collateral damage inflicted on the body during the procedure, the less pain the patient will feel after its completion. Therefore, research is focussing on how to make treatments as non-invasive as possible, and focussing any invasive elements on the areas that the patient wants targeted.

VASER Lipo®: A Paradigm Shift in Liposuction Techniques

botonics continue to utilise only the best cosmetic surgery techniques, having adopted the latest form of Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), VASER Lipo®. Able to be performed on nearly every part of the body, VASER Lipo® is minimally invasive, and both less painful and demanding of less recovery time than traditional liposuction. Every aspect of this cosmetic surgery is designed to focus on the removal of unwanted fat, whilst causing as little an impact to the rest of the patient’s body as possible. After injecting the unwanted fatty area with tumescent fluid, an advanced VASER Lipo® probe delivers ultrasound pulses to the targeted fat cells, causing them to break apart, and combine with the tumescent fluid. This solution is then easily, painlessly removed from the body with a custom built suction tube.

The VASER Lipo® process minimises pain and blood loss during the procedure by causing minimal surrounding tissue damage, especially when compared to other liposuction procedures, allowing for an exceptionally fast healing process. In most cases, patients are back to work within a week, and have made a full recovery after a month, halving the estimated recovery duration of standard liposuction treatments. With VASER Lipo® and botonics, you can be sure you’ll receive the results you want, with far fewer side effects.

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