Subtle cosmetic surgery

by Naruschka Henriques

A major breast enlargement is sure to be noticed. If you go up a couple of cup sizes it will change your whole silhouette. Friends, family and work colleagues are certain to see the difference immediately. After all, that’s the aim – a dramatic change in the way you look. However, not all plastic surgery makes big changes. A lot of what we do at botonics is more subtle. A little goes a long way.

That is particularly true for the face. It is the small details that determine the way we look to ourselves and others and the face is also the place where age shows up the most. Before the breasts start to sag and the bum and tummy lose their former firmness, age lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the face. The changes are small but the effects do build up over time.

Something as subtle as eyelid surgery can take years off a face by reducing the dark, loose bags under the eyes. These, along with wrinkles in the ‘A zone’ under the nose and around the mouth and crow’s feet at the corners of eyes, are what really ages us in the eyes of most people we meet.

Ear pinning can also make a big difference to the way a face looks. Like eyelid surgery, it’s a relatively minor procedure that doesn’t cost the earth or involve a lot of healing time in most cases. This kind of more subtle cosmetic surgery can do a great deal. If your face isn’t as youthful as you remember it or as attractive as you’d like it to be, a couple of small changes could help.

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