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Things to Remember for your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure – Part 1

We’ve all heard the horror stories of cosmetic surgeries gone wrong, but there’s no reason why this should put you off having a cosmetic surgery procedure as long as you are aware of what to look and ask for. Here at botonics we pride ourselves on making sure our clients are comfortable with their procedures and are confident in their knowledge of what it entails. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery then familiarise yourself with these few guided tips to make sure you receive the best surgery possible.

1.    If you have any questions or concerns, no matter how trivial they may seem, then you should never hesitate to ask your consultant. Cosmetic surgery isn’t something you can rush into so you need to feel 100% comfortable with the procedure, and asking questions is part of the way in gaining confidence with your surgeon.

2.    Make sure you know about the recovery period involved and the follow-up care that you will be receiving; this will be particularly important if you are booking time off work.

3.    Allow time for your recovery and make sure there is someone who is going to be able to help transport you from the clinic to your own home. It’s sometimes a good idea to make sure the clinic is close to your home or you have necessary arrangements in place so you aren’t traveling far on your own after your cosmetic surgery procedure. And in most cases you will not be able to drive at all straight after your procedure, so make sure someone else is available to look after you.

Here at botonics, we ensure that each and every single one of our potential or current clients are fully aware of the external aspects involved with cosmetic surgery, whether you want a face lift or a breast enhancement.

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