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Things to Remember for your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure – Part 2


4.    Cosmetic surgery is all about you, and you shouldn’t be influenced by anyone around you, but it is a good idea to talk the procedure through with family and friends as it isn’t a decision you should make lightly. You need to be entirely sure it is something you want, whether breast augmentation or face lifts, but even if you are considering it and would like to know more, here at botonics we are happy to help in one of our free consultations to go over any questions and queries you may have to ensure you make the right choice for you.

5.    Don’t always expect to see a result immediately as some procedures can take time to develop. Or, sometimes you will be very sore and heavily bandaged following a procedure, e.g. breast enlargement operations, so be patient with results. Equally, with things such as acne treatments some treatments will take several appointments. This is why it is important to familiarise yourself with treatment times and the period of which the procedure is expected to last (if this is relevant).

Whatever procedure you are considering, it is important that it’s the right choice for you. You need to 100% comfortable with the procedure, your consultant and the outcome; which means you should ask as many questions as possible along the way. Cosmetic surgery is becoming such a popular choice for many people and likelihood is that many of us have or know someone who has had surgery, but this doesn’t make the decision to have surgery any less significant.

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