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What to expect from breast augmentation surgery

The field of breast augmentation covers a variety of different procedures, including the central three that botonics offer the facility for: breast enhancement, breast reduction and breast lifts (Mastopexy). As such a prominent component of the female body silhouette, there are many reasons to want any breast augmentation, from women who would like a breast enhancement as a path to greater confidence, to women who wish to reshape their breasts to smooth over the dent in their self-esteem that ageing has left them with.

As the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure undertaken by women in 2013, it seems particularly important for us to underline what the patients should expect from breast augmentation in greater detail. After all, no-one should make a choice as life changing as cosmetic surgery, without all the facts.


The consultation is always the most important part of any cosmetic surgery procedure, for a number of reasons. For one, it’s extremely important for both you and your botonics surgeon to understand exactly what you require from your procedure. The strange wording of that sentence is intentional; while providing knowledge of your aims and requirements to the surgeon is logical, if you don’t personally know exactly what the surgery that you have requested is liable to achieve, you are far more likely to be disappointed by the outcome.

In the same way, the botonics surgeon conducting your consultation will also assess your viability for cosmetic surgery; if your reasons for wanting the procedure aren’t conducive to post-procedure satisfaction and happiness, then you are subjecting yourself to unnecessary expense and recovery time by having a procedure that is ultimately of no use to you.
Once you and the botonics surgeon have agreed upon the variety of surgery that you wish to undergo, and confirmed your suitability for it, you are ready to be taken through the procedure in a bit more detail by your botonics surgeon. In doing so, you will also be taken through the potential risks and complications that are associated with the surgery that you’ve selected.


Breast enhancements, breast reductions and breast lifts follow fairly similar procedural paths, as they involve surgical activity in the same anatomical area. Breast lifts are generally the most time consuming procedure, taking between 3 and 4 hours to complete; while breast enlargement will generally take a shorter period of time, coming in at between 1 and 2 hours before completion. All three surgeries are usually performed under general anaesthetic or at least sedation.

Breast enlargement is the simplest of the procedures, and simply involves the insertion of an artificial breast implant either under your breast tissue, or under your pectoral (chest) muscle. The precise location of the implant is decided on a patient by patient basis, as is the placement of the incision used to place the implant within your body. The incision can be made around your nipple, close to your armpit or underneath your breast. Once the implant is inserted, the incision will be closed up with stitches.

Breast lifts follow the same principles as breast enlargements, but tend to differ a bit more in terms of specific elements, from procedure to procedure. A number of incisions will be made by the surgeon, with the placement and amount depending on the pre-procedure situation, and the desired outcome of the procedure. By removing skin from around your nipple, or under your breast, the surgeon is able to adjust the positioning of your breast, while keeping the shape of the breast natural and appealing. Once those adjustments are made, the surgeon is then able to either add implants, or remove tissue to better achieve the results that you desire.
As with breast enlargement surgery, all incisions made during a breast lift will be closed with stitches. Extra support and dressings may be added to your breasts after either procedure, in order to improve healing and promote the desired post-procedure breast shape.


After surgery, recovery time will vary depending on the kind of breast augmentation surgery that you elected to receive. The general anaesthetic utilised in the procedures, combined with the pain relief required after any intrusive medical procedure, will mean that breast augmentation patients will generally spend a night in hospital after the surgery. After being discharged, patients may still feel sensitivity for up to a week in the case of breast enlargement, and for up to two after a breast lift. In all cases, patients should be able to return to work after the sensitivity period has ended. Those who have undergone breast augmentation should have made a full recovery after four weeks, leaving you able to enjoy your new found self-confidence and happiness!

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