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The face is the area of the body which is most commonly associated with identity. It frames the bodily features which make us individual and unique. Consequently, the face is also inextricably linked with self-image and when our face loses its firmness and shape due to age, lifestyle or particular conditions, we can often feel as if a more fundamental change is occurring in our identities. Advances in cosmetic surgery have made the facelift a common procedure which can improve the firmness of the face and combat the signs of ageing.

Facelift surgery can help clients to maintain a youthful appearance, which can greatly enhance confidence and general psychological wellbeing. Sagging cheeks, hollow areas and deep wrinkles caused by age, skin damage or an unhealthy lifestyle can all be corrected by facelift surgery. We always ensure that clients are advised on all of the pros and cons of facelift surgery and emphasise that a facelift is only suitable for those who are physically and psychologically healthy and are merely seeking improvement to their appearance.

Most clients who undergo this type of surgery are able to return to work in around two weeks and our expert surgeons perform beautiful procedures which make clients’ faces look refreshed and youthful, but never unnatural or tight. We offer all potential facelift clients a free consultation with one of our expert Harley Street surgeons during which all of your questions on this procedure can be answered completely, honestly and comprehensively. We also offer other facial procedures such as anti wrinkle injections.

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