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Facial Rejuvenation Procedures Increase in Popularity


There has been a significant increase in the numbers of Brits having facial rejuvenation procedures over the last few years, particularly non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers. We are increasingly in competition with each other – for the best jobs, the best partners, the best deals. Many people believe that looking younger through a facial rejuvenation procedure will give them the confidence they need, as well as making a better impression on the people around them. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular procedures at our plastic surgery London clinic.


We had to start with Botox injections, also known as wrinkle relaxing injections. This has become an extremely popular procedure around the UK, because it is quick, effective and long-lasting without the need for invasive surgery. Several tiny injections are administered directly into the muscles which cause wrinkles. The location for the injection will depend on each individual, and this will be decided by the specialist, who will examine your face.

Treatment lasts around four months, although the precise duration will differ for each individual, and most clients notice a marked improvement in their facial appearance just one month after treatment.

We also have dermal fillers which are used as a safe and instant treatment that reduces wrinkles and other facial lines. Lines, wrinkles and creases naturally start to appear on the face after the age of 25 because the skin’s natural properties of collagen and elastin fibres start to break down. This natural process can be further accelerated through exposure to the sun, smoking, stress and a poor diet. Our cosmetic dermal fillers will help to reduce or eliminate these lines around the nose-to-mouth area, the lips, around the mouth, the cheeks and between the eyebrows.

Cheek Fillers

Another popular procedure is cheek enhancement. Cheek implants have been used for a while, but it is only relatively recently that a non-surgical procedure became available. The face tends to sag as we get older, and we lose the fullness in our cheeks and develop jowling around the jaw line, making us look even older. Cheek enhancement treatment can help to reverse both of these effects and bring a fuller, younger appearance to the face.

The injections for cheek enhancement only take around 15 to 20 minutes and the effect usually lasts between six and nine months, depending on your metabolism. The treatment starts to work immediately, so you can enter our clinic with drooping cheeks and leave with a fuller, fresher appearance!

Lip Augmentation

Some people are born with misshapen, uneven or thin lips which makes them feel unhappy about their appearance and can knock their confidence. Our lip enhancement treatment uses only quality brand-name fillers, which are injected into the lips, leaving a fuller and more even appearance that you can be proud of.

Our specialists are highly experienced and fully qualified and will make sure that you leave our prestigious clinic looking completely natural. Your younger looking appearance will just make you feel more confident!

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