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Should You Have a Surgical or Non-Surgical Nose Job?


Many people are unhappy with their noses, which sit right in the centre of the face, making any irregularities obvious to anyone they come into contact with. They might be crooked or bumpy, you may have had a poor nose job (rhinoplasty) in the past, or you could have suffered problems because of recreational drug use in the past. These are just some of the reasons why you might be considering having work done on your nose, and the good news is that there is now an alternative to surgical rhinoplasty with rise of the non-surgical nose job.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty uses dermal fillers which are injected into the nose to adjust its shape, as opposed to a surgical procedure, where the bones and/or cartilage is added, removed or rearranged while the client is under general anaesthetic. The latter leaves extensive bruising and swelling which lasts for several weeks, meaning it can be a while before you are able to display your ‘new and improved’ nose properly, and because of this it is also a procedure which you can’t really have done in secret.

A non-surgical procedure, on the other hand, is done under a fast-acting topical anaesthetic, which normally takes full effect within 30 minutes. We recommend the use of the Restylane Perlane filler, as we find it is the longest lasting when it comes to correcting nose irregularities. The dermal filler also contains an anaesthetic, which will reduce any discomfort even further, and all of our fillers are brand name and gold standard and have been approved for use in the UK.

Unlike a surgical procedure, which is more or less permanent, our non-surgical procedure lasts for around eight to twelve months, at which point you can make another appointment at our Harley Street London cosmetic surgery clinic, or you can decide to ‘return’ to your original nose. The reason the procedure only lasts for a few months is because the filler is naturally broken down and eliminated by the body over time. However, the non-surgical procedure is significantly cheaper than surgical rhinoplasty, and our prices start from just £400. We do offer finance deals, and any costs over £500 can be spread interest-free for up to three months. Our surgical rhinoplasty procedures start at £5,000, also with finance options available.

Non-surgical procedures are a great alternative for anyone who is scared of surgery or who is not sure about making a permanent change. However, the non-surgical treatment can only correct certain problems. These include the height of the nose bridge, which sits particularly low in people from some cultures, but which can be augmented. Other people have crooked, hooked or bumpy noses from birth or which have occurred through injury. These can be smoothed out using the filler treatment.

Some surgical rhinoplasty procedures result in minor bumps in the nose or other asymmetries, which can also be improved through the non-surgical procedure. And finally, recreational drug use can erode the septum and nostrils, which can also sometimes be augmented with a dermal filler. What a non-surgical procedure can’t do is reduce the overall size of the nose, as this requires bone and cartilage to be removed.

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