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Why Do People Have Facial Rejuvenation Procedures?


Getting older is a natural process you can’t avoid. However, some people age faster than others and some people just don’t want to accept that their appearance should age when there are procedures out there to help them slow the process down. In fact, our team of plastic surgeons London at our prestigious Harley Street clinic are increasingly carrying out facial rejuvenation procedures on people who want to stay looking young.

Once upon a time, you’d have to rely on surgical procedures such as a face lift procedure to try and claw back the years. This is still a popular treatment, but not everyone is happy about going under the knife. Nowadays, there are several non-surgical procedures available which can help you to keep your youthful looks and still look natural.

So, what happens to make the face age? With time, the skin naturally loses its elasticity, and the ageing process can start from the age of 25. Other factors such as sun exposure, stress, a poor diet and smoking can increase this natural ageing process. Skin conditions such as acne and even weight loss can also affect the skin’s appearance and elasticity and can leave people with low self-esteem.

The face is the first thing that other people generally see when they meet you or talk to you. It is the window to your soul and what creates that first impression. Consequently, people want their face to reflect how they feel. If they don’t feel old, then they don’t want their faces to look old. They want to look youthful, confident and happy, which in turn helps them to feel positive.

These days, it can be harder to get a job or promotion. There is a lot more competition out there, and businesses looking to save money don’t always go for the person with the most experience, but the one who will cost the least. It can be hard to bat off the younger competition and to make a good first impression on those that are hiring, and consequently many people are turning to Botox and wrinkle fillers to give them a younger appearance. Improving their appearance also gives them the confidence boost that they need to feel that they can achieve, which could then reflect in their interview performance.

Another reason why people want to look younger is to make an impression on potential romantic interests. More people separate or divorce now than 20 years ago, and so it can be harder to start again and find a new partner later in life. Having a younger appearance makes people feel more confident to go out there and start afresh, as it makes them feel more attractive to others.

Here at botonics Plastic Surgery Group we offer several non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, including dermal fillers, lip augmentations and cheek enhancements, as well as surgical procedures such as face lifts. Book yourself in for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our specialist consultants to see what we can do for you.

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