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Benefits of Smart Lipo



Liposuction is known for being able to remove fat from stubborn areas of the body where it just will not seem to shift. Advances in technology have now come up with Smart Lipo, however, which has benefits over traditional methods of liposuction.

Also known as Laser Lipo, this procedure can be used on almost any area of the body and is suitable for both men and women. A fibre optic cable delivers laser energy to the problem areas, melting and breaking down the fat cells before suction removes them. The major advantage of this procedure over traditional liposuction is that it only destroys the fat cells, and not the nearby healthy cells, meaning there is no internal bleeding. This gives a much shorter required recovery period, as well as less pain, scarring and bruising. The risk of serious side effects is also greatly reduced as it is performed under a local anaesthetic (rather than a general anaesthetic as with traditional lipo), plus Smart Lipo has been proven to actually tighten the skin, which does not occur during traditional liposuction.

This cosmetic surgery procedure is still relatively new to the UK, but we were one of the first to bring it to the UK and start performing it, and so now have a wealth of experience in this area. As well as the numerous advantages we have already listed, you will be pleased to hear that having Smart Lipo is not as expensive, because having a local anaesthetic means that you won’t have to stay overnight in hospital.

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