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Could fat removal help you after the festive excesses?


This time of year can be great. You get the chance to spend some more time with friends and family. Also, there is all the excitement involved in the giving and receiving of presents. And of course, there is the fantastic food on offer. The sugar dusted mince pies, brandy soaked puddings, tasty vol au vents, festive roasts and bowls of delectable nibbles.

Then there are all the devilish drinks needed to wash all this down. Beer, wine, champagne and spirits all tend to flow at this time of year. While at the time, this generally seems like a brilliant idea, the negative impact of all this gorging can be seen after the celebrations are over. As you begin stripping your Christmas tree of its baubles and tinsel, taking down the cards you so positioned around your home and washing the fake snow from your window panes, you might well start to notice your belt seems a little tighter than it did previously.

And, as you step onto the scales, your worst fears may be confirmed. Obviously, dieting and exercise are important tools in your battle against the festive bulge. However, if after a while there remain stubborn areas of fat that simply will not shift, you might want to consider liposuction. There are various forms of fat removal treatments available and which one you opt for will depend on your circumstances and preferences.

Among our offerings here at botonics is Vaser liposuction. To find more about how this works and whether or not it is right for you, browse our website.

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