Is Liposuction for Me?

by Naruschka Henriques

Like all cosmetic surgery, liposuction should only be undertaken once a wide variety of conditions are met – ensuring its both what you’re body wants, and just as importantly what you want; that as why as botonics we always insist on a detailed consultation (regarding all of our procedures regarding all of our procedures not just lipo) and if we don’t think this type of cosmetic surgery is the right way to go we consider it our ethical duty to let you know.

When might Lipo not be Such a Good Idea?

Liposuction is a complicated procedure and therefore it is only natural that certain conditions or body types will not respond well to the surgery; the following coditions represent a couple of the reasons that liposuction mightn’t be suitable for you (there are also several others.)

Aged Skin: this does not necessarily mean if your skin is older as people’s bodies age differently, however if your skin does look typically old the procedure mightn’t be for you.

Markedly Overweight: Lipo performs best if it is used to removed moderate amounts of fat, as massive procedures can cause skin sagging.

When is Lipo good for me?

Of course liposuction can be a highly effective treatment, which has seen its reputation for treating certain problem areas grow and grow; some of the body areas that can really benefit from lipo include: the calves and knees, buttocks, love-handles; and the best thing is – the fat removal is permanent!

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