Liposuction for Men

by Naruschka Henriques

Liposuction has long been considered a procedure for ladies.  The treatment can be used to remove areas of fat that women have often struggled to tone through diet and exercise alone.  However, liposuction is becoming increasingly popular with men.  With the pressure to look good as strong as ever, and with people having less and less time to exercise, men are starting to see liposuction as a viable option.

For some men, there can be parts of their body that seem to resistant to exercise.  Deposits of fat at the sides of the waist (love handles) can be a particular trouble spot.  They can make men feel self-conscious as they are considered to be a sign of middle age, and are difficult to tone with exercise as they are not parts of the body that we use on a day to day basis.  Liposuction can be an effective way to tone love handles and, if you have a good diet and take regular exercise, the results could be extremely long lasting.

Facial liposuction is an extremely popular treatment for men.  Having liposuction is much less invasive than a face lift, and with the new liposuction technologies like Vaser liposuction, specific areas of the face can be targeted.  Tell-tale signs of ageing, such as jowls or a double chin, can be treated with liposuction and, following the procedure, a man could look years younger.

It’s testament to the efficacy of liposuction the number of men who are adopting the procedure.

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