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The science of body contouring


There is a lot more to the art and science of body contouring than simple fat removal, and even that isn’t all that simple. In any medical procedure the safety and wellbeing of the patient must come first and we go to great lengths to ensure that anyone under our care is always as comfortable as possible and in no danger at any time.

Simply removing big chunks of fat isn’t an option. For a start, the body doesn’t store fat in handy chunks that can simply be lifted out. During tummy tuck surgery and other fat removal procedures considerable care has to be taken not to cause any unnecessary harm to other tissues. This would cause greater pain and lengthen healing times so must be avoided.

Vaser is a new and advanced technique that uses ultrasound waves to break up fat inside the body. Compared to traditional surgical options it’s relatively uninvasive. That means less pain, less scarring, and lowered risk of complications – all very good news for anyone wanting to get rid of excess weight. We’re so excited about this new technology that we’re offering free vaser consultations to all potential clients.

Fat must also be removed evenly. It’s no good getting rid of excess fat if it leads to a lumpy, unnatural effect. The process has to be gradual and the eventual effect carefully considered. That’s why we prefer to use the term ‘body contouring’ rather than ‘fat removal’. It better describes the proper processes that can be used to give you the shape you’ve always wanted.

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