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Liposuction Treatment

What are the Benefits of Liposuction?


Last year saw liposuction procedures rise on average by 8%, with a total 9% increase in female procedures and 4% increase in male. So why are people opting for liposuction, and just what are the benefits of these kind of surgical procedures?

1.    Diets and exercise are not always the most effective ways in removing unwanted fat, and in many cases no amount of healthy eating or exercise can remove stubborn fat. This type of fat is very common in both men and women and liposuction, in most cases, can effectively remove such areas of fat.

2.    Lipo works best in these stubborn areas of fat. For women this is most commonly the hips and thighs, and sometimes the abdomen. For men it is the abdomen and love handles that carry this stubborn fat.

3.    Not only does liposuction work in these areas but also the breasts, knees, calves, under the chin and the arms.

4.    People who have healthy skin will find that their skin should stretch back into position post-surgery, hopefully leading to the ideal contour of their body again.

5.    Once fat has been removed from a certain area, it is gone forever. Sound too good to be true? It really isn’t. This is because after adolescence, our bodies no longer produce fat cells, leaving a permanent solution in areas that the operation is performed on. Needless to say, significant weight gain or fat cells left in these areas could result in fat accumulation in other areas.

6.    The incisions used to remove fat are normally minimal which leads to little scarring and bruising post-operation.

Here at botonics we understand the stubbornness of some fat, and the frustration when diets and exercise don’t work. This is why we offer a two-hour liposuction procedure that can remove this fat effectively with long-standing results in the majority of cases.

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