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Liposuction Treatment

What is Smart lipo?


If you cannot shift the weight around your thighs or hate your bingo wings, smart lipo may be the answer. A lot of people are usually put off by having liposuction to get rid of fat, but this is a great alterative for people who want a non-invasive procedure which they can fit around their lifestyles and jobs.

Also known as laser lipolysis, it has been called ‘lipo on your lunch hour’ as most patients are able to go out for lunch and get on with their lives after having treatment. There is usually no hospital time to wait for recovery like with other cosmetic surgery procedures, and this may appeal to   business women or mothers.

It can be used to treat love handles and stubborn bits of fat that cannot be shifted through exercise and dieting. There are no stitches involved in the procedure and it does not require the user to have a general anaesthetic. A local anaesthetic is used, which means they can go back to work or go on to pick up the children from school. It differs from liposuction as it does not use a vacuum suction, which means the procedure is gentler to the body.

It works by inserting a laser into the layer of fat under the skin’s surface. This is then moved around with the heat from the laser breaking down the fat cells and melting them. This will then go into the bloodstream and will be removed by the body through the liver.

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