When diets do not seem to work

by Naruschka Henriques

For some people, cutting down on fatty foods and swapping sugar for artificial sweetener is enough to make really effective weight-loss gains, but for others, dieting can seem like an endless struggle that never produces results no matter how many calories you count. If a diet isn’t delivering results, it might not be all about a lack of effort on your part. Every body is different and responds differently to dieting.

There are other solutions and other ways of losing weight. Combining a good, nutritionally balanced diet with plenty of exercise is usually effective (although results vary widely from person to person), and it’s also possible to boost a diet with surgical fat reduction or a less invasive weight loss procedure. There is a wide range of options available to suit different body types and different desired outcomes.

While liposuction and other cosmetic procedures may seem like an extreme option, they can actually be less harmful than some of the less scientific fad diets out there. There is evidence that some quite popular diets can have negative effects on long-term health and increase the risks of serious illnesses if they are over-used. Compared with that, Vaser lipo and other modern weight loss techniques can actually seem like a very sensible way forward.

If you are struggling to get good results from a strict diet, it’s certainly worth considering your options. Our consultants are happy to talk through what kind of results you could expect and what the healing times might be, and answer any other questions you may have.

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