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botonics’ Breast Implants Top League Board for Safety and Reliability


botonics, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced Plastic Surgeons in the field, reveal that the Nagor breast implants as used by their Cosmetic Surgeons have been voted as the safest and most reliable implants to use.

Performed by The Body Bible, the survey, which also ranked implants such as Silimed, Allergan and Eurosilicone, determined which breast implants were the most effective and safe to use based on factors such as the rate of implant rupture, gel bleed rates, ability to retain shape and the types of testing performed to ascertain quality.

Ultimately, it was the lifetime guarantee associated with all Nagor implants that resulted in them scoring higher for their quality assurance. Nagor implants guarantee that capsular contracture or rupture will not occur, and cover a change in size above and below the implant, which is why botonics use these implants exclusively when performing breast augmentation procedures.

“The peace of mind for our clients when they undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure with us is paramount,” says Bill Green, Managing Director of botonics. “We source only the most reliable and safe-to-use products for each and every single one of our different procedures to guarantee that our patients are not only receiving the highest quality end-result, but are also safeguarded against any potential mishaps, such as gel bleeding and implant ruptures. This survey from The Body Bible further proves that we are currently using the highest quality breast implants available to us, so our clients can rest assured that their surgery will have every chance of achieving the optimal results they desire.”

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