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botonics Comment as Research Suggests Botox Boosts Quality of Life


botonics, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced medical professionals in the field, comment on recent research which suggests that Botox not only improves people’s appearance, but also their lives.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Steven H. Dayan and DeNova Research, of the hundred subjects involved, the majority believed their lives had improved in all areas since undergoing treatment. During the study, subjects were randomised and given facial anti-wrinkle injections of either Botox Cosmetic or a simple saline placebo. Subjects were asked to complete a survey on quality of life before the treatment, and then twice again, two weeks after and three months after.

The results of this survey indicated that subjects who received Botox Cosmetic injections reported a significant increase in their overall quality and enjoyment of life, claiming they felt more confident in their appearance, their social skills, and in their overall self-worth.

“There have been various studies into the effects of Botox over the years, but this is certainly one of the most conclusive,” comments Bill Green, Managing Director of botonics. “Our team has seen extremely positive results from our Botox patients over the years, and this study supports our experience of people coming to botonics to look better, but actually end up feeling better too. We believe that cosmetic surgery can completely rejuvenate lives, allowing people to feel more confident and comfortable by giving them the looks they have always dreamed of.”

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