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botonics Comment on Age as a Risk Factor in Facelift Surgery


botonics, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced medical professionals in the field, comment on the recent findings that age is not an independent risk factor in facelift surgery as previously believed.

A recent study conducted in Cleveland, USA, suggests than the age of an older person should not be the main determining factor when deciding if cosmetic surgery is appropriate. The Cleveland Clinic study examined how 216 women coped during and after facelift surgery. 148 of the women were younger than 65 and 68 were older, yet statistically there was no difference between the age groups.

However, while the results suggest that age is not an independent risk predictor, botonics believe that older patients should still be properly screened to ensure maximum attention to all possible areas. While the research indicated that older people were at no greater risk due to age than younger people, the participants were carefully screened and any with significant comorbidities were excluded, which led to the low complication rate.

“botonics have been providing facelift surgery for a long time now, and we provide each patient with the same careful attention irrespective of age,” commented Bill Green, Managing Director of botonics. “These findings are important as they show that older people can undergo cosmetic surgery as long as there is a full health screening and careful attention to medical history, though more research is needed to determine whether there be an ultimate age limit for facelift surgery. The botonics team is dedicated to providing the greatest pre- and post-procedure care, with thorough consultations and medical screenings to assess a patient’s eligibility for cosmetic surgery.”

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