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botonics Comment on Recent Industry Survey’s Findings


botonics, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced medical professionals in the field, comment on the findings of a survey which revealed that 30% of women never see their cosmetic surgeon.

The survey showed that an increasing number of women are not being introduced to their cosmetic surgeon prior to procedures being performed. It was revealed that out of 3,000 women aged 18-24, 74% thought it was important to meet and become acquainted with their surgeon through the entire process – from the consultation, to the procedure itself.

Somewhat contradictory is the finding that 30% of these women never met their surgeon at all. botonics believe that this highlights a need for women to receive a more personable service when undergoing any sort of breast augmentation, fat removal or facelift surgery, as a means of instilling confidence in the client and ensuring they are happy with the care they are receiving.

“At botonics, consultations and aftercare are done by the surgeon who performs the procedure, so you get to meet your surgeon, and make sure you feel comfortable with them, before you proceed,” commented Bill Green, Managing Director of botonics. “We insist that our clients feel wholly secure and relaxed before surgery is performed, in order to offer reassurance and the much-needed peace of mind we believe that all clients deserve. This survey’s findings demonstrate that many other clinics do not seem to share our beliefs, and we hope that clients will find our personal services a much more pleasant experience.”

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