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botonics Hire Registered Nurse Who Specialises In Injectable Medical Aesthetic Treatments


botonics, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced medical professionals in the field, announce that they have employed a new registered nurse who is expertly trained in medical aesthetic treatments.

Naruschka Henriqués has been involved in the beautification industry since 1999 and is extremely passionate about helping people to look their best. She initially trained as a make-up artist before qualifying as a registered nurse and has a keen eye for symmetry and aesthetics.

Naruschka feels that she has a natural affinity with clients thanks to her easy-going nature and approachability, and commented: “I love working with clients, because they come to you to feel special, and you create magic with what you do! It’s like giving a gift!” Naruschka’s specialties lie in anti-ageing and rejuvenation techniques, and she is an expert professional when performing dermal filler lip and cheek enhancements.

“Naruschka is a natural and has already become a vital member of our team in her short time here, both staff and clients alike have really taken a shine to her,” says Bill Green of botonics. “Naruschka’s relationship with clients is one that is very individual and personalised – one size does not fit all. She loves to help people to discover other sides to themselves, helping them gain a sense of confidence and freedom. That feeling is just as important as any other in our cosmetic surgery techniques, and that personality helps set us apart from the competition.”

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