botonics Offer Advice On Treating Two Types Of Fat

by Naruschka Henriques

botonics, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced medical professionals in the field, offers advice on how to properly remove body fat, and underline that there is only one type of fat which can be removed via liposuction.

The human body features subcutaneous (external) fat and visceral (internal) fat, and only external fat can be treated with liposuction. Subcutaneous fat is found just beneath the skin and causes cellulite and dimples, whereas visceral fat is found in the abdomen and surrounds the vital organs.

botonics offer three types of liposuction which can be used to combat external fat: Vaser Lipo, SmartLipo and conventional liposuction. Vaser uses ultrasound to only target the fat that needs removing, leaving other tissues unaffected. SmartLipo involves inserting a fiber optic cable under the skin, before guiding it through the treatment area and passing laser energy through the cable to melt away fat cells. Conventional liposuction is a much simpler process, in which an incision is made, a tube is inserted into the desired area, and fat is then suctioned out.

“The three types of liposuction are very different, and deciding which one to go far can be complicated,” comments Bill Green, Managing Director of botonics. “However, we can provide a free consultation with one of our expert cosmetic surgeons, who will be only too happy to assess your needs. The client and doctor can then discuss the options available to them, and decide which of the three types will best suit their body for external fat removal. If we can help you attain the shape you desire, then we will.”

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