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botonics Plastic Surgery Group Advises on Cosmetic Surgery Checklist


botonics Plastic Surgery Group, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced medical professionals in the field, advise on priority considerations they believe anyone thinking about getting cosmetic procedures need to make prior to surgery.

The Harley Street cosmetic surgery clinic suggests that, first and foremost, clients should ask for recommendations from friends and family regarding which surgeons and clinics are reputable and efficient. Once a list of potential clinics has been made, this should be narrowed down by researching the particular qualifications of surgeons at the practice. People should be especially vigilant with this if the clinic operates overseas.

botonics Plastic Surgery Group advises that prospective clients should weigh-up the potential risks of the procedure, whether a comprehensive breast augmentation or  less invasive anti wrinkle injections, and talk about these with their surgeon, along with how much recovery time is expected post-op. Also, depending on the nature of the procedure, follow-up treatments may be necessary, so these – along with how much they would contribute to the overall effectiveness of the surgery and the additional cost – should be taken into account.

“We go the extra mile to offer expert advice and undergo in-depth, personable consultations with our clients to ensure that they are fully aware of all aspects of their chosen procedure, including what is involved in the procedure itself, any side effects, and how much downtime is involved,” commented Bill Green, Managing Director of botonics Plastic Surgery Group. “It is our practice’s aim to provide exemplary services to clients, and our surgeons will advise all clients on the considerations that need to be taken into account when undergoing their particular treatment, ensuring complete reassurance and effective results.”

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