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botonics Warn Against The Growing Threat Of DIY Botox


botonics, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced medical professionals in the field, have issued a warning about the dangers of using DIY Botox kits which are available to buy from faceless companies over the internet.

The cosmetics industry has been registering growing concerns lately about firms, often based in China and India, trying to sell salons and surgeries cheap Botox supplies and generic botulinum toxins. More worryingly, websites are also starting to appear offering DIY Botox kits which contain nothing more than a few needles, the poorly-stored Botox product and a picture of a face indicating where the injections should be made.

Tests carried out on some of these products reveal the inconsistencies within the bottled merchandise, showing there to be a huge lack of actual potency or, in extreme cases, too much potency which could cause some serious long-term damage to those who use it. botonics stress that Botox injections should only be performed by a qualified medical practitioner and associated staff for safety and to get the best cosmetic results possible.

“We hope people don’t resort to using DIY Botox kits to try cut-price cosmetic surgery. Just looking at the content of these kits should raise the alarm because they don’t look professional or trustworthy,” says Bill Green, Managing Director of botonics. “Having a trained medical professional is essential when you decide to have cosmetic surgery or medical aesthetic treatments of any kind and only by raising awareness of the potential dangers of counterfeit products and kits can we combat their entry into the marketplace. For peace of mind when you wish to undergo any such procedure, make sure that you contact experts in the field instead.”

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