Be a Yummy Mummy

by Naruschka Henriques

Post-pregnancy cosmetic procedures are on the rise. The stress placed on a mums body during pregnancy are expected and taken with a pinch of salt, such as the morning sickness, weight gain, changes to diet and skin, and heartburn to name the main culprits. Unfortunately, once baby arrives, a new mums body tends not to snap back into shape easily, or sometimes at all. Physical post-pregnancy stress tends to be most closely related to the breasts and abdomen.

A steady exercise program is generally recommended before elective cosmetic surgery. However, some of the more stubborn pockets of fat or excess skin simply can’t be eradicated through exercise. Sagging breasts are often a consequence of pregnancy, as is an excess of abdominal fat due to damaged abdominal muscles and irreparably stretched skin.

Cosmetic surgery, especially more invasive procedures (like breast augmentations and abdominoplasty surgeries), is safer, easier to recover from and more accessible to regular people than ever before.

A cosmetic surgery make-over for mum could be the antidote to lost body confidence and general poise in life. The most popular post-pregnancy procedures are breast augmentation (reduction or re-shaping and lifting tend to be the most widespread surgeries), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery to remove excess skin), and liposuction to various areas (commonly thighs, bottom and love handles).

Quick questions for new mums considering surgery are:
Are you going to have more kids? If so, wait for your surgery.
Is your weight stable? Sensible diet and exercise can shift a lot of your baby weight. Also, be aware of the effects of breastfeeding on your weight.

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