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Tummy tuck

Dealing with the effects of weight loss


In most cases, healthy weight loss is something to be celebrated. However, the results can leave both men and women feeling somewhat less pleased than they thought they would be. Sometimes losing weight can result in baggy skin instead of a smoother, sleeker outline, which nobody wants- saggy breasts and loose skin around the abdomen are never the desired outcomes of a diet or new exercise program.

It is very hard to get rid of baggy, saggy skin through natural means. This goes double for older people whose skin is not quite as elastic as it once was. However, there are ways of dealing with the problem. If you’ve lost a lot of weight from the torso, for example, tummy tuck surgery may be an option.

Sagging breasts may be the result of weight loss or simply what happens naturally as time goes by. Either way, you don’t have to stand for it. While most people considering breast uplift surgery are women, there are also ways to remove excess skin from the male chest. Any man who experiences bouncing or discomfort when running is welcome to speak to one of our surgeons about the best way to restore a smooth, tight chest.

Cosmetic surgery to deal with the after-effects of weight loss is often relatively minor. Although invasive, the procedures are often very effective. If you’ve put in the hard work with diet and exercise but are unhappy with the way your new, thinner body looks, we may be able to help.

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