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Tummy tuck

Losing the Excess Tummy Sag


Obviously the best way to look fit and healthy is to be fit and healthy—eat properly and exercise regularly. However, if you have been fairly unhealthy for years, sometimes even when you do your best to get fit, you still show signs of having been unhealthy for a long time. Some flabby or sagging skin never seems to go away no matter how hard you exercise.

If you have a saggy tummy, you may be concerned that you still look unhealthy, whether you are still trying to lose weight or you are happy with how you look otherwise. In this case, sometimes tummy tuck surgery can do a lot to improve your appearance. Common reasons for excess sagging skin on the stomach are child birth, extreme weight loss, and of course general aging. Exercise alone does not seem to take care of this problem for almost anyone. So a tummy tuck can be a successful way to remove that excess sagging skin and get your tummy looking firm and fit again.

Of course, cosmetic surgery is never going to make you healthier or more fit, but it can give you that edge to make you appear that much more youthful, fit, or attractive. But remember, it’s no substitute for eating properly and getting enough exercise. Always check with your regular GP first to find out if they think you are suitable and ready for this type of surgery. Research the surgeon you plan on going to and always ask any questions you have beforehand. If you are to undergo a procedure such as Vaser lipo, be sure to look into it and understand how it works.

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