Plastic Surgery For The Tummy

by Naruschka Henriques

There are so many excellent and effective non-invasive or only moderately invasive procedures available now that full-on cosmetic surgery for fat reduction is only really necessary in a small percentage of cases. Laser Lipo and Smart Liposuction are excellent alternatives for most people troubled by excess body fat around the abdomen.

However, a surgical abdominoplasty or tummy tuck may still be the best option if it is loose skin or wobbly belly folds that are bothering you. Even if you have successfully reduced your body fat through a strict program of diet and exercise, these loose folds can persist. It can be very frustrating after you’ve put all that work into improving your body shape. Loose tummy skin can also be a result of childbirth or simply age, regardless of the presence or absence of a paunch or abdominal fat.

Tummy tucks can range from a relatively simple ‘mini tuck’ to the much more extensive procedures that may be performed after massive weight loss with a gastric band. In most cases the difficulty lies not in tightening the skin and creating a better abdominal shape, but in reducing or hiding the scars that result from any surgery, whether cosmetic or otherwise.

Where possible we try to hide scars below the belt line so clients can enjoy wearing any style of swimwear, for example, without worrying about unsightly scars showing or revealing that they have had a tummy tuck. We also specialise in making sure the belly button looks natural after any kind of abdominal cosmetic surgery.

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