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Tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction


People can feel very self-conscious about their stomachs.  A flabby stomach can be very difficult to correct with exercise.  It can make people lack in confidence and find it difficult to find clothes to fit properly.  That is why many people opt to have cosmetic surgery to correct a stomach that they are unhappy with.  Both a tummy tuck and liposuction can help to correct a flabby stomach, and they both have their own features and benefits.

The abdominal liposuction fat removal procedure aims to remove fatty deposits from the stomach area, resulting in a more toned and shapelier look to the body.  During the procedure, a tube is placed under the skin and the excess fat is sucked out and disposed of.  While liposuction can correct a flabby stomach or love handles, it does not correct excess skin, stretch marks or cellulite.  Liposuction is ideal for people who have struggled to tone a flabby stomach through exercise, or for new mothers that want to lose some of their post-pregnancy weight.

While a tummy tuck does not actually remove fat or help you lose weight, it can help to correct the excess skin that is often left following dramatic weight loss or childbirth.  During the tummy tuck procedure, a surgeon will make an incision in the stomach to trim away the excess skin.  The remaining skin will then be tucked and neatly sewn together.  A tummy tuck would be suitable for a person who does not necessarily want to lose weight, but want to remove unsightly excess skin.

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