Get a free Vaser consultation

by Naruschka Henriques

A lot of people, both women and an increasing number of men, spend a lot of time mulling over the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery. The mirror used to be the usual venue because it’s there we see the parts of ourselves we’re least satisfied with – chubby tummies, sagging bottoms, breasts that aren’t as high and full as we’d like. Now the internet is the place where we consider, reconsider, and research the options.

If that sounds like you maybe it’s time to take the next step. That doesn’t mean jumping into liposuction or other kinds of surgery without thinking about it any further or properly considering the options, far from it, but there is no sense in agonising over the decision on your own. One of our surgeons can give you more information on different fat removal and cosmetic enhancement options than any website could and they can tell you exactly how each procedure could help you and how much they’d cost.

A fat removal consultation needn’t cost you anything at all. We offer a free introduction to anyone considering liposuction or Vaser lipo treatments. All your questions can be answered by an expert. Whether or not you make the decision to go ahead with surgery or not, the consultation is still free. One thing is for sure – you’ll leave having a much better idea of the potential benefits of fat reduction surgery, how long the healing process might take, what kind of scarring to expect, and how to move forward.

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