Vaser for men

by Naruschka Henriques

Cosmetic surgery is not just for movie starlets and it certainly is not just for women. Men are becoming more conscious of their appearance and more aware of the aging process, and that means that we’re treating more male clients. And why not? Men often take just as much care over their appearance as women and we all get older sooner or later. We can do just as much for men as we can for ladies.

Hyperhidrosis is the name given to clinically excessive sweating. While this can be an issue for both genders, it’s a problem that afflicts many men. If the body sweats far more than it needs to the results can be unsightly and embarrassing. In some cases surgical treatment can be the answer.

Vaser and other slimming procedures are equally applicable to both men and women. Excess fat is difficult and uncomfortable on anyone, and there are a huge range of options available. Many of them are only minimally invasive and the results can be just as good for men. In fact, removing ‘man boobs’ is often best accomplished with surgery. Even after weight loss these saggy ‘breasts’ may remain and they can be very difficult or impossible to get rid of otherwise.

Anti wrinkle injections are also on the rise with male patients. Why should men have to grin and bear the signs of aging while women take action? There’s no reason that men can’t be just as proactive and enjoy the benefits of cosmetic surgery and treatments.

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