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Vaser Liposuction surgery

What are the Benefits of Vaser Lipo Liposelection?


Vaser lipo liposelection is an ingenious and thoroughly modern treatment that uses non-invasive technology to target on the fat you want to be removed – so what is this wonder treatment, and what exactly are its advantages?

Simply, Vaser uses gentle ultrasound waves to target specific areas of fat removal – you might already be familiar with the term “ultrasound” as its use is now ubiquitous in the medical sector, e.g. for scanning pregnancies – which means that the whole process of Vaser lipo liposelection is “non-invasive.” This is markedly different to fat removal surgeries such as liposuction, and offers the client some obvious benefits as a result.

When compared to liposuction, Vaser is cheaper, repeatable, can be done more quickly (without the need for an overnight stay,) has minimal bruising and requires less time in support garments. Whilst in some regards liposuction may still be the preferred treatment by some undergoing cosmetic surgery, Vaser is a great alternative for, perhaps, a client who doesn’t have the time for extensitve “downtime,” or a client who doesn’t want an invasive procedure, but still wants effective results.

Some other benefits of Vaser include the following:

High safety levels; sidestepping many of the potential risks that are associated with invasive surgeries.

Predicatable results, meaning that the treatments can be used to accurately sculpt a physique.

Unrivalled accuracy: the process is so precise that it is a great treatment for delicate areas, leaving them unscarred or bruised subsequent to the procedure.

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