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Vaser Liposuction surgery

What is Vaser Liposuction?


There are many reasons why people consider liposuction. Try as we may, some of us just cannot stay faithful to a restrictive diet, while others are just not able to effectively commit to a regular exercise regime. Liposuction is a technique which has been around for some time now and is a more popular option than ever for dealing with weight gain issues. In recent years, the industry has seen the emergence of a new type of liposuction called Vaser lipo. Vaser lipo is gaining a very positive reputation in this field, as it is widely considered to be a kinder and gentler form of liposuction which still achieves impressive and effective results.

Differences between Vaser and traditional liposuction

Because the techniques used in traditional liposuction can be invasive, damage to nerves, blood vessels, and tissues is a potential consideration. Vaser uses ultrasound technology which accurately targets only fatty areas, so it is a far more gentle procedure. Because of these less invasive methods, patients have the option in surgery of remaining awake under a local anesthesia or being partially sedated, as well as having a general anesthetic.

How Vaser lipo works

Firstly, a saline solution gets injected into the targeted area in order to numb the site, minimize bruising and help break up fatty tissues. Next, a small probe is inserted which sends out low-frequency sound waves. The combination of the sound waves with saline solution effectively breaks up fat cells and makes them easy to remove by suction.

As professionals in Vaser lipo treatments, the experts at botonics provide efficient treatments with long-lasting results for most of those undergoing specific procedures.

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