What You Can Expect From The Vaser Procedure

by Naruschka Henriques

The Vaser procedure is a new, patented surgical treatment that allows for precise fat removal to give you the body that you want. It can be suitable for a lot of patients who have found that diet and exercise just won’t do the job, but what can you expect from such a procedure?

Following Vaser liposuction, you can look forward to a whole new you. Those stubborn pockets of fat can be literally melted away to give you the contours that you’ve always dreamed of, and most patients will be able to see almost instantaneous and lasting results.

Any fatty areas are precisely targeted using ultrasonic probes to emulsify the fat, giving easy fat removal through a gentle suction process. The precise nature of Vaser means that specific areas of fat can be treated to give you the exact results that you’re after, letting you sculpt your body to your exact specifications.

Unlike traditional liposuction, any side effects are minimal. You can look forward to a fast recovery time with less pain and bruising than you’d expect, thanks to the precise treatment which targets only the fatty tissue that’s to be removed. Any scarring is minimal, and the accuracy means that the  skin retracts in the quickest time possible to give incredibly smooth results.

So, with the Vaser procedure, most patients can expect lasting results with the minimum of hassle. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons here at botonics will be able to give you that sleek, streamlined body that you’ve always wanted, so come and have a chat with one of our consultants to see what we can do for you.

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