Botox treatment – frown lines

by admin

I have been going to Naruschka for several years now for Botox injections to my forehead and the results have really helped my confidence by turning back the years, and the treatment is done in such a way that the result is always subtle and natural! Over the years Naruschka has noticed my needs change slightly too and so she’s gradually adapted my treatment to make sure I still get the best result. And with minimal discomfort!

Naruschka is also great at giving advice and reassurance if I raise an observation on anything. Last year my Botox felt like it was wearing off faster than normal and when I asked about this she mentioned I might have low zinc levels. I started taking zinc supplements and this solved the problem! It coincided with a big change I had made to my diet and I hadn’t realised the effect it had on my zinc! Narushcka always takes the time to listen and advise in every single appointment and so I’ve been very grateful for her expertise and knowledge!

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