A hidden gem!

by admin

I am usually quite sceptical of excellent reviews and ratings left time and time again however in the case of Botonics they TRULY are justified. I decided to make an appointment with Naruschka for a consultation on fillers for my tired and washed out look. Bill and his team immediately sent me a list of available days and appointment times which made it quick and easy for me to choose which one best fit into my schedule. My initial consultation with Naruschka was a great mixture of extreme professionalism with a large degree of warmth and understanding. She took her time to listen to all my concerns and had a very realistic and grounded approach which I welcomed as I was after a subtle and very natural look which she delivered 100%. I was so impressed by the results and my standards are high, having seen some of the top people in this industry. Naruschka is an artist who takes as much time as she needs, nothing is hurried. She is calm, reassuring, honest about pain levels, swellings and outcomes and she delivers what she says she will. I have been seeing her for close to a year and highly recommend her.
This is a genuine and honest review. Botonics is a hidden gem, rare to find these days.

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